Saturday, March 25, 2017

spring is back!

first day out birding for a while.making the most of the sunshine. Along Hollins Lane, Sowerby Bridge then back along the canal. is this a chiffchaff or willow warbler??

pretty new to the area and birding so any help with id or good spots much appreciated.
plenty of birds along my usual route


Friday, March 24, 2017


Scout Bottom area.

Two chiffchaffs singing c5.30pm.

Copy Nook Lane/Crow Hill

Still some Fieldfare in flock with Starlings
6 Lapwing
2 Curlew
Skylark singing up against the blue sky
Usual corvids
1 lovely Buck Roe Deer

Lee Dam and Longfield Dam

At Lee Dam:
2M 6F Goosander on main dam.
2M 1F Tufted Duck on main dam and 1M1F on lower dam.
6 Canada Goose.
Nothing noteworthy heard singing, Robin and Goldfinch most vocal.

At Longfield Dam:
1M1F Goldeneye.
4 Lapwing.
7 Canada Goose.
2 Greylag Goose
c20 Starling.
1 Pied Wagtail.
Meadow Pipit heard calling.
Few Carrion Crow around fields.
Magpie nestbuiling in tree by Shepherd's Rest.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lee Mount + other news today

This morning I went out to top the feeders up at 08:05 and heard Whooper Swans calling! Looked up and  4 went right over the house in the  direction, I thought, of Ogden or Mixenden though  4 were at Cold Edge lower dam mid morning(AT and DP) so I guess they were the same ones.

Also 3 Barnacle Geese now reported from Cold Edge this morning along with a good showing of Golden Plover at and around Fly Flats and up to 7 Wheatears also from there as well as Stonechat (BS)
Pair of Goosander at Dean Head above Scammonden (PD)
Buzzard over Claremount late afternoon >SE (DaveB)
2 Shelduck and  2 Ringed Plover also , from Whiteholme Reservoir this morning (DF)
2 Wheatear near Scammonden on Tues and Wed (PD)

Golden Plover - Mount Tabor

I know there have been some much more impressive counts today but 13 Golden Plover left the fields at Mount Tabor and flew off calling towards Norton Tower at 6.30 ish.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sparrow hawk today the others over the weekend (garden)

Decided to get friendly with my camera this weekend, not picked it up for a while.
also had Siskin and Greenfinch along with the normal garden birds.


Ringstone Reservoir - 8 Whoopers there at 09:30 this morning. AT.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Just 2 reports so far, both from MM
One at Ogden GC on a fence by 13th March flew off in direction of windfarm.
One in the fields along Castle Carr Road, near Wainstalls yesterday afternoon.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


2 redpoll around today under the feeders at Jumble Hole. This is the best photo I could manage.

Tripod wanted

Still a few Brambling at Roils Head today in horrible conditions. My friend Roy is after a pair of tripod legs with a standed quarter inch thread, he already has the head, if anyone as a tripod for sale or just the legs please let me know.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


It's not often I get a new garden tick, but today I saw the first redpoll here in the 14 years that I've been here. It was a single, feeding on the spilt nyjer seed. In fact it was on the floor with a female bullfinch, 3 goldfinch, a chaffinch and 2 female siskin! I tried and failed for a photo, but hopefully it might be around for a while.

Fly Flats

Despite the early fog up there it did start to clear but the wind was gusting probably F6 so viewing was pretty tricky !
No sign of yesterdays Kittiwake unfortunately and no sign of any moving gulls
c70 Golden Plover and c40 Lapwing on Fill Belly Flat (the moor to the south of the reservoir)
2 Oystercatchers and a few Curlew about with plenty of Canada's on the moors

High Royd

Went to check the S T Works this morning in the chance of Sand Martin or maybe even Water pipit on the filter beds. Neither, the beds were very quiet apart from the Carrion Crows
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker
At least 4 Nuthatches
Not much else !

Bramblings and Siskins

Still have a few Bramblings vising my garden at Highroad Well on a regular basis.  Pleasantly surprised this morning to find 5 Siskins on my garden feeders.  There dont seem to have been many Siskins about this year.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Calder Valley

Between Luddenden Foot and Mytholmroyd late morning + a 'butty' stop in Mytholmroyd and return.
1 Common Buzzard >W
2 Grey Wagtails
1 Goosander
1 Dipper
1 Chiff-chaff in a garden near the weir at Brearley
Lots of corvids - mainly Jackdaws
3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and 1 Herring Gull >W

Ogden Garden

A pair of brambling on the garden feeders yesterday afternoon and again this morning. The male already changing to breeding plumage.

Fly Flats

Some rough weather and heavy rain but went up in the hope of something blown in. Not disappointed!
3 Common Gulls came through > NW at 08:35 over the reservoir with an adult Kittiwake. I watched them head off over the moor.
Then a minute or so later I found another adult Kittiwake on the Reservoir with 2 x 2nd winter Herring Gulls. I left them - still there at 09:15.
I think there must have been 2 'kits'. Though I can't be sure if the first one didn't return in the atrocious conditions (?)
1 Raven >NW over Cold Edge.

Update - Kittiwake still there at 14:10 from BS. Tricky to find out in the middle of the reservoir - look for the very white head bobbing about on the water (as in the lower shot)!
 Adult Kittiwake

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lee Mount - Godwit flyover !

Out checking the moth trap around 22:30 last night. I heard a wader calling as it was flying over in the dark. Sounded to be going >SE. It gave several interspersed quite loud calls interpreted at the time as Wi, wi, wit.......... Wi, wi, wi, wit........wi, wi, wi wit.....and gradually fading in the distance. I immediately thought - Godwit sp. - certainly not a Greenshank or Redshank.
Listening to recordings on xeno-canto later on, I suspect Bar-tailed rather than Black-tailed - but I will never be 100% sure !!!!